Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Horse for the Healing Circle

My horses name is Skyy. She suffered a triple torsion in her small intestine. She had surgery 2 months ago and is still recovering. After coming home from surgery, Skyy had ecoli infection and a collapses jugular from the IV line. Our concern right now is a pooling of fluids/blood at the base of her incision. She has fought so hard to survive and she did it for me. 2 years ago I had a stroke and she was brought to me for therapy and the week she colicked, she and I went over our first jump. Yes, it was only 12 inches high, but it was a miracle for me to stay on. I pray now that she will have a complete recover. Please place her in your healing circle.
Take just a few minutes a day to pray and send love healing energy to this horse.

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