Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saying Goodby to Fancy our Friend

Hello, thank you again for your caring. Fancy truly lived up to her name as she was a beautiful animal full of dignity. She was our boss horse, some days she would act like she could barely move, until our little gelding “Dakota” would get her to running. She could at 28years old outrun her daughter Misty who is 13, longer legged & much taller & Dakota who is 13-2 & fast. After she won she would go up to Dakota & stomp at him, whinnying as it she was saying “& I can beat you any day of the week!” She was miss personality. When we first got her I took lessons on her from my cousin Virgil. I’m about good for an hour of lessons & his ran about 2; she would look back at me touching the stirrup & toe of my shoe saying;” are we finished now?” If I kept her going after a few minutes she would go over to the rail or where I would be getting off & stop.:)! I have many wonderful thoughts & memories of her. She was the only horse I have loved everything about & trusted completely. Gary, Ross & I are filled with sorrow of her loss. She often gave Ross a hard time, about going into her corral in the evening to be fed; just letting him know she had a mind of her own. When he would let them out in the morning she would stop for him to pet her. When I would feed the horses & her feeder for her pellets was not in place; I would go in her corral pet her talk to her & move it over. I told her more than once, “If you are moving this to get me in here-it is working!” A couple days in a row it was not moved so I did not go in the corral with her; the 3rd day I was feeding the other horses-she took her nose & shoved the feeder way over. I had to laugh; yes I went in & told her how clever she was giving her some love. This is an irreplaceable friend & we have been so lucky to have had here. I say a special thanks to Mary & Charlie for praying for her & supporting us during this time. Sincerely Laura
Photograph by Kim Cook An Awesome Artist