Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Add to healing circle

Please add Smokey the horse who needs to gain and keep weight on. He is an old horse.

Please add Lori who is thinking of moving here and needs some help deciding.

Add John to the circle for healing mentally physically and spiritualy.

Remember to add yourseld and your friends to the circle and please remember to do this once daily.

Monday, April 20, 2009


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Healing Modalities and the new online store coming soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A place to discuss herbs and their healing qualities

Healing Circle Names send energy /prayers

Here are the animals and humans that are in the healing circle so far this month.
Carol lump in left breast

Bear - Black Lab (8 1/2 yrs old) - hip dysphasia (affects left hind leg primarily.

Ruger - Yellow Lab/Retriever (2 yrs old) infection primarily right ear-could be food or environmental allergies

Elvis - Black Lab/Schnauzer (5-6 yrs old) voluntarily handling tremendous amounts of very negative energy from his owner -- lonely (on chain) I can't directly do anything about his condition
Visailia is a 15 year old Peruvian Paso mare that I purchased about a month ago. The people that I purchased her from told me she was very gentle and a easy rider. I can't even get her to accept anything from my hand. To catch her I need a bucket of oats. Once caught she seems to be okay, but I still haven't rode her as she seems very skittish.
I think maybe she is upset over the move, she has always shared a pen with other horses, but seems to be upset over sharing with my horses. Please prayers will be welcomed.