Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Magic of the Horse

The Magick of the Horse
by M. Carter BA,MT.

Many years ago 60 million to be exact a creature named Eohippus, the Dawn Horse

came up upon this earth and later, after millions of years evolved into the horse of today.

In times past when the veil was thin and the worlds merged and seemed as one

There was a creature that walked in both of these worlds.

They lived with faerie and human both and guided and aided all of those who befriended and mastered them.

Some were winged that flew the skies and brought flight to the clans, and some with horns of spiral energy did hold the light and guard the doorways to healing and life.

And those who were the bravest of all came to the humankind to serve.

For they knew they would be sometimes mistreated and slaughtered for showing the horrors of man.

These were the ones that were the oldest and the wisest of all.

They chose to come and communicate and teach people the lessons of the Heart.

For it is the lessons of the heart that make us whole and put us in touch with what is right and true inside ourselves.

Mirrors they became to us; they share our pain, our pleasures and our deepest secrets.

They comfort us as friends and carry us to far away places.

If we listen very closely we can hear their breath and if we look closer we can see our image in their eyes.

For they are the ones who love mankind and have come here to aid us.

Hear the beat of the hoofs resound in your body, feel the powerful, gentle presence.

Where? In your heart. From their heart to yours……... Heart to Heart.

If you go to the place where the Unicorns rest and the Pegasus graze you will see the white mare of the Earth People.

Their wisdom they will share with you as long as you are pure of heart and your intention is just.

please do not copy this article or use it without my permission- M.Carter