Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Staying here in Idaho on the Ranch

Well as the Universe has it I am staying here in Northern Idaho on this beautiful mountain top ranch and Charlie Mastro my soulmate has moved here and is starting his woodworking and design shop to teach and build furniture here. Lots of news to tell!

NEW! Healing circle Horse

Please join us and pray and send healing love and energy to this horse

My horse is Rio Sunsphere and he is a quarter horse. Rio has gone blind in one eye completely because of moon blindness. I think he sees ok in the other eye so far. He was a very gentle calm animal before all this happened. He is more nervous now and jumpy. He also has problems when being trimmed on his hooves. I think that he is sore somewhere in his back, I just don't know where. He will stand for a bit and then jerk his feet away esp his left hind leg. He is a wonderful horse and I don't like seeing him suffer this way. I would love for him to be calm again and happy. I would love herbal suggestions also if you have any. He used to be very easy to ride, now he isn't. Thank you so much for your time. I love this horse dearly and do not want to get rid of him because he becomes dangerous or unmanageable. I have two other horses also and he is boarded with another two. My grandchildren are around them also and I need him to be as safe as possible.