Thursday, November 26, 2009

Healing circle Animals PLease Pray for them or send love energy healing

I hope that your can add "Gambler" to the Healing Circle - he is a black stallion (horse) and is having some respiratory/breathing issues - please - any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you for being willing to assist my friend "Diablo" (six yr old horse - gelding) He is a sweetheart - he has what I believe to be 'ringbone' on the left front foot and I have been trying 'everything' that I can think of...please place in circle and I pray that he can find healing - thank you!
My horses name is Skyy. She suffered a triple torsion in her small intestine. She had surgery 2 months ago and is still recovering. After coming home from surgery, Skyy had ecoli infection and a collapses jugular from the IV line. Our concern right now is a pooling of fluids/blood at the base of her incision. She has fought so hard to survive and she did it for me. 2 years ago I had a stroke and she was brought to me for therapy and the week she colicked, she and I went over our first jump. Yes, it was only 12 inches high, but it was a miracle for me to stay on. I pray now that she will have a complete recover. Please place her in your healing circle.

Prize is a curious, friendly soul, a big appaloosa gelding who I've had for 4 years. He has chronic lameness issues in his front feet & lower legs (navicular & deep flexor tendon issues). He had these problems before I got him and my vet didn't catch them in the pre-purchase exam. He has a most wonderful temperament and deserves a comfortable life, and my hope is that we can find a way to help him feel better, whether through moving to a drier climate & seeing if he can go barefoot, or whether that could be that prayer such as this circle provides could help him. I love him very much. Thank you for thinking of Prize, and all the other animals you care about and love.

DOGS that NEED Prayers and Love sent for Healing

My little animal is a dog,a short haired brown coated chihuahua, his name is Picasso and he is around 5 years old. Somehow Picasso has hurt his right front paw, I think from jumping off our bed. Now he is limping when walking. My money situation is very tight and I do not have the funds to take him to the vet at this time. I have been praying daily to God, and have asked him to please heal him quickly. All prayers are deeply appreciated.

I also have a 1 1/2 year old Miniature Poodle that I rescued from the animal shelter about 7 weeks ago. His name is Pickles, I took him to the vet after I got him home for itching, Pickles was giving a shot which helped him allot, but my vet said it was just for short term use only. I have a medicated shampoo which I use on him. I have noticed he does have a few flea bites on him, but no fleas. I also have him on frontline plus. Pickles still continues to itch, chew his paws and arms, scratch ears and face. I am praying for a miracle to cure his itching. All prayers are deeply appreciated.

Help!!! My horse has cushings! I have tried Pergolide and various other vet treatments. At one time a vet even over dosed her accidentally giving her 10 TIMES the correct dose (lucky I figured it out and is NO LONGER my vet)nearly killing her. She is 30 years old and is my 14 yrs old daughters only friend!!!! I took her off of pergolide because it took Princess' personality away - she just stood there with no will to live, off of pergolide she was happier, but we have the coat problem, feet problems, and ugh! she is bordering on founder again and is stuck in her stall (again!). Please can you help me! My daughter can't lose her best friend!

is the name of the horse that needs prayers and energy/Love sent to him. He has multiple medical issues

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