Thursday, October 15, 2009

Healing circle for Princess

Hello everyone!
Here is a horse that needs your love and prayers and healing her!

Help!!! My horse has cushings! I have tried Pergolide and various other vet treatments. At one time a vet even over dosed her accidently giving her 10 TIMES the correct dose (lucky I figured it out and is NO LONGER my vet)nearly killing her. She is 30 years old and is my 14 yrs old daughters only friend!!!! I took her off of pergolide because it took Princess' personality away - she just stood there with no will to live, off of pergolide she was happier, but we have the coat problem, feet broblems, and ugh! she is bordering on founder again and is stuck in her stall (again!). Please can you help me! My daughter can't lose her beszt friend!

anyone interested in what Cushings is here is the link to my site

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