Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dogs Need Healing

DOGS that NEED Prayers and Love sent for Healing

My little animal is a dog,a short haired brown coated chihuahua, his name is Picasso and he is around 5 years old. Somehow Picasso has hurt his right front paw, I think from jumping off our bed. Now he is limping when walking. My money situation is very tight and I do not have the funds to take him to the vet at this time. I have been praying daily to God, and have asked him to please heal him quickly. All prayers are deeply appreciated.

I also have a 1 1/2 year old Minature Poodle that I rescued from the animal shelter about 7 weeks ago. His name is Pickles, I took him to the vet after I got him home for itching, Pickles was giving a shot which helped him alot, but my vet said it was just for short term use only. I have a medicated shampoo which I use on him. I have noticed he does have a few flea bites on him, but no fleas. I also have him on frontline plus. Pickles still continues to itch, chew his paws and arms, scratch ears and face. I am praying for a miracle to cure his itching. All prayers are deeply appreciated.

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